Mai Tai Preparation 101 of the Best Tropical Cocktails

mai tai recipe directions

For us, summer entertaining involves relaxation, utilizing good weather and great friends. There is nothing good than having the best tropical cocktail by your side. It will not only ensure maximum celebration in your holiday but also ensures continuous refreshment moments.

One of the best cocktail for a perfect getaway is the Mai Tai: a slight blend of citrus, with a smoky rum and hints of almond, this cocktail is delightfully sweet and sinfully strong. Many tourists likes to order them (they are perfectly garnished with some piece of pineapple or even paper umbrella) and are ready –to drink that even natives are unashamed to buy.

Even though the Mai Tai seems almost very perfect close to a Hawaiian beach, it is not local to Hawaii. This is also something that was new to the Hawaiians sometimes back. Currently, most Hawaiians restaurants have different versions of Mai Tai cocktail for their customers.

Victor Bergeron, owner of the known Polynesian-restaurant chain, Trader Vic’s, considers himself the inventor of the tropical cocktail.

Bergeron transported Mai Tai all to the way to Hawaii in the year 1955. He created a very special recipe for the famous royal Hawaiian restaurant in Waikiki, and this is where the Mai Tai trend took off. After the addition of fruit juices like orange and pineapple juice, it evolved into a sweeter and the most drinkable cocktail (as opposed to the originally known Mai Tai tropical cocktail)

Having some new changes on old choices and brand new flavor sensations, this tropical cocktails recipe will boost any dinner to be one of the best. Here is the best list of how to prepare a popular tropical cocktail (Mai Tai):

  • Create it

In order to make Mai Tai privately, you will require the following basic ingredients: orgeat syrup, dark rum (floating purposes), citrus lime (such as orange, lime or pineapple), and orange liqueur. These are the most fundamentals requirements before starting any step.

Most tropical cocktails should be mixed with fresh-squeezed orange juices and pineapple since that will enhance the taste of the drink. Most of the best cocktails have good flavor. Many ingredients are added at this stage.

  • Empty it

Pour proportional ingredients of  syrup, white rum, orange curacao, orange juice and pineapple into a glass with ice (1oz, 1/2oz, 1/2oz, 2oz and 1oz respectively). The correct proportion of each ingredient should be taken to achieve the best results.

The ingredients can be poured in no order since they will be combined thoroughly in the following step. In case you want to test with a new flavor, this is best stage to add it (them). An example of this is the royal Mai Tai, which comprises of maraschino cherries blended with vanilla flavor and a ginger.

  • Set it rolling

Pour the mixture with the ice into a different cup. Pour it between the two cups continuously until it is totally mixed. This is a very important method. After pouring, all these special flavors are fully layered up.

Therefore, we thoroughly mix it between two cups again to ensure it totally binds all the juices and alcohol together and this result in one consistent taste. This will bring the unique sweet taste of the cocktail.

  • Top it (cocktail) off

The Mai Tais are commonly known for their dark rum layer on the top, which provides the drink with an sombre appearance. Definitely, this will enhance the aesthetic value of the cocktail and attract several new users.

Mai Tais is majorly known for two-tone, whereby the lighter rum is at the bottom side and the dark rum covers the top. This provides a complete special look of this type of cocktail, making it one of the best. This is also the major identity of this category of cocktail.

  • Decorate and enjoy your cocktail

Your glass should be decorated with a slice of pineapple, lime wedge, cherry or even mint leaf depend on your choice. This will create high appetizing effect of the cocktail.

There are several ways of enjoying the Mai Tai cocktail. You can draw your straw gradually out of glass containing the cocktail while sipping, in order for the float of rum to enter your straw last. Alternatively, you can combine the full cocktail together (so that the golden body mixes with rum float).

The Beach Bum’s Own…Yes, it is Real and Very Awesome

The Beach Bum’s Own is a cocktail that is best served in a tiki mug or tiki inspired vessel.  Hell, it’s called the Beach Bum’s Own, you could probably serve in styrofoam or a flipped over frisbee and still be good to go with this one.

The appeal of the Beach Bum’s Own really lies in the mixtures of juices (lemon, pineapple, orange, passion fruit puree, etc).  The Rum just rhymes with bum here, and we think that’s awesome.  What kind of rum?  Well, we all have our own preferences so “do you” and mix in the rum that you like.  We think that this might be a good one to try with some coconut rum…just bit?  Well, we’re off to make this awesome tropical cocktail…we’ll let you know how the coconut rum worked out.

Till’ then…mix, enjoy, and be responsible!

Ingredients for the The Beach Bum’s Own:

3/4 oz
Fresh lemon juice
3/4 oz
Unsweetened pineapple juice
3/4 oz
Orange Juice
3/4 oz
Passion fruit puree (puree works better to hold this all together)
3/4  oz
1 and a 1/4 oz
Demerara rum (El Dorado or Lemon Hart)

Directions and Steps to make The Beach Bum’s Own Cocktail

Put all the ingredients in to a shaker and fill the rest of then way with crushed ice.

Shake, and pour (unstrained…this really lets you enjoy and catch the full body of the passion fruit puree) into a tiki mug…or a frisbee. 🙂

The Blue Hawaiian

What better way to kick off this blog and tropical drink recipe site than with a Blue Hawaiian.  Hubby and I love this drink after a long day of shopping, hitting up the swap meets, or even after lazing on a beach.

The Blue Hawaiian is a sweet invigorating mix of “in your face” and tropical island life relaxation.  Definitely a chill and meditate drink.

The Ingredients for a Blue Hawaiian

1 oz. Light Rum
2 oz. Pineapple Juice
1 oz. Blue Curacao
1 oz. Creme de Coconut
1 slice Pineapple
1 Cherry

Making a Blue Hawaiian

Blend light rum, blue curacao, pineapple juice, and cream of coconut with one cup ice in an electric blender at high speed. Pour contents into a highball glass. Decorate with the slice of pineapple and a cherry.

Cheers and Enjoy!